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Experience the essence of luxury living.

Our Range

Explore our Indoor and Outdoor floating daybed sets, designed for your luxurious relaxation.

Indoor Classic

Perfect to entertain in style, comfortably supporting up to 250kg.

Gather, Relax, Repeat!

Designed with dreamy poly-cotton canvas, macramé finishing touches, and a cozy attachable sheer net.

TiiPii Bed UK

Indoor/Outdoor Sets

Our Classic daybeds offer a unique relaxing space, inspiring moments of tranquility, fun and escapism, and the feeling of floating just above the ground.

Build your own

Explore our indoor/outdoor collection and create your perfect set!

TiiPii Bed UK

Indoor/Outdoor Daybed + Poncho

Classic Canvas Daybed - Charcoal - TiiPii Bed

Indoor/Outdoor Daybed

Shop Outdoor

Outdoor Deluxe

Indulge in pure outdoor luxury.

Upgrade to your ultimate entertainment space

Indulge in pure outdoor luxury with our Outdoor Sets, crafted exclusively with Sunbrella® that's tailor-made for embracing the heart and soul of outdoor living.

TiiPii Bed UK

Outdoor Sets

Where luxury meets practicality, boasting a waterproof and spillproof design for an indulgent and worry-free retreat.

TiiPii Bed UK

Durable Construction

Crafted from top-tier materials and constructed with the utmost precision. It exudes strength and sustainability in its design and build.

TiiPii Bed UK

Comfortable and spacious

Made for fun, laughter, and creating special memories together. The perfect size to entertain or relax in style, comfortably supporting 250kg.

TiiPii Bed UK

Weather resistant

The TiiPii hanging daybed is designed to withstand the elements, making it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.

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