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Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week

Following the success of Clerkenwell Design Week last year, we are excited to say that we are back and will be participating in the event again this year. Clerkenwell Design Week is a 3-day event which has been put together to exhibit some of the leading worldwide brands within the design field. This showcase is an amazing few days in which business to business clients have the opportunity to discover new brands and companies. Not only are we excited to be featuring here again, but also to be a part of the event 10 years after it was first launched! TiiPii Bed will be opening at 10am every day of the festival and invite you along to try the products, discover launches you may have missed and meet the faces behind the TiiPii brand.

Clerkenwell as an area is the perfect place to host such an event, as stated by the website, 'is home to more creative businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet'. Featuring upwards of 500 exhibitors, Clerkenwell is the perfect place to come to in order to discover lots of new and exciting businesses on the market. 

This is the second year for TiiPii Bed to be appearing at Clerkenwell Design Week. Being a brand hugely based around interior and perfect for the commercial market, this is a huge opportunity for the company to get noticed by potential clients. Not only are we back at Clerkenwell this year, we have also teamed up with Campari, making this the biggest year for TiiPii Bed yet! Campari are one of the sponsors at Clerkenwell this year, making it a huge opportunity for us to join up with them. 'Campari is not so much a drink as an approach to life', a motto we here at TiiPii Bed live by, making this collaboration the perfect opportunity for our brand. 

With summer fast approaching, Clerkenwell is the perfect opportunity to display our products, whether they be our classic designs or newer releases, each piece has a place and we are so excited to showcase these to potential customers. Unlike any other, this event allows customers to try out our products in person, get to feel and see the quality with their own eyes and really immerse themselves in the TiiPii Bed brand. TiiPii Bed are so proud of the products we have created and love opportunities like this where we can truly show off the products and allow people to understand the brand in a completely different light. 

We are so excited to be joining other brands for the 10th year of Clerkenwell Design Week, teaming up with Campari and showcasing more products than ever. We hope to see you all there!

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