• Deluxe Collection

About the Range

Our Deluxe range features weather-resistant Sunbrella® fabric, solar-resistant ropes and reinforced aluminium rings. Available to free-hang or purchase in sets!

Deluxe, Large

Made with Sunbrella® Performance Fabric

Our 1.8m Deluxe TiiPii is the ultimate daybed for outdoor entertaining, comfortably seating 3-5 adults.

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Deluxe, Medium

Our 1.5m Deluxe TiiPii is the ultimate prop, waterproof and weatherproof. Comfortably seating 2-4 adults.

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Quality sustainable Materials

Indoors & Out

All of our Beds, Stands, and Covers pack down into canvas travel bags, allowing you to take TiiPii on all of your adventures!

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Pair with our Classic Stand

Pair our free hanging Deluxe Bed with one of our transportable Classic Stands, suitable for light outdoor use

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Made with Sunbrella® Fabric

We believe that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional

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Packable & transportable

All of our products pack down into convenient canvas travel bags allowing you to take the adventures with you

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Portable & versatile

TiiPii Beds are the ultimate hanging daybeds that can be enjoyed just about anywhere!

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