Deluxe Collection

The Deluxe Collection is our premium outdoor and commercial performance range made for year-round enjoyment.

Deluxe, Large

Our 1.8m Deluxe Bed is designed for hearty, all-year-round outdoor and commercial lounging, comfortably holding 3-4 people (up to 250kg).

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Deluxe, Medium

The 1.5m diameter Medium Deluxe bed is perfect for couples, smaller families or for those with a little less space.

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Made with leading outdoor performance fabric, Sunbrella®

Available in a range of neutral colorways, make into a set with our 316 stainless-steel stands and weatherproof poncho covers.

Fun for everyone

Magical memories await

Our products are made for fun, laughter, and creating special memories together. Our large beds can hold 3-4 people comfortably or up to 250kg.

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Set up in style

Portable and versatile

Our beds are transportable and can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Hang it from a safe structure or from one our tripod stands.

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Moments of escapism

Rest and relaxation

Our hanging daybeds offer a unique relaxing space, inspiring moments of tranquility, fun and togetherness.

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Packable & transportable

Minimum effort, maximum fun

All of our products pack down into convenient canvas travel bags, allowing you to experience adventure on the road or store it away after all the fun.

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Quality materials

Frequent outdoor use
Our products are made with quality, sustainable weather-resistant materials thoughtfully designed to deliver beauty and long-lasting relaxation.

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Stainless Steel Stands

Our Deluxe tripod stands are opulently designed for hanging our Deluxe beds, safely supporting up to 250kg.

They're made of heavy-duty 316 Stainless Steel, making it suitable for all-year-round outdoor and commercial use.

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Poncho Covers

Enjoy indoor/outdoor lounging protected from the elements with our poncho weather-protection covers.

Perfect for creating a snug lounge experience for those cooler days and nights, or for a little extra ambiance.

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